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About 802eureka

Eureka! A moment of discovery, of awe. An expression of excitement for the moment and the possibilities that lie ahead.

It also happens to be the original settlement of Springfield, Vermont.


We are on a mission. A mission to rediscover, together, the spirit of that sentiment- a sense of wonder, a sense of awe, a sense of belonging. Our explorations are built on stories- not just words, but pictures, and voices, and all the different ways stories can be told.

Why? Stories have power. In many ways, they are one of the most powerful tools we have for building and strengthening community. Stories define us,  and in sharing our stories, they help us understand who we are and who we will become.

We are sharing the stories of our lives- the people, the places, the events- that matter. The things that shape our community and our selves.


There are so many good things happening all around us. Taking the time to acknowledge and appreciate them, especially together, helps us imagine and create more of those good things. That is why our focus is on the assets of our community.

It is well known that when we share joy, we create more joy. So, we are finding the things we love about this town, about the people who live, work, and  play here, about the places we cherish and the stories that enhance our understanding of each.

We are finding inspirational stories from around the world about building community and helping each other, about prosperity and sustainability. These stories help us reimagine what is possible.


As we:

share our stories,
inspire each other,
tell the tales that make our community stronger,
focus on our assets,
celebrate successes,
engage more people in tackling challenges,
help our neighbors, and
re-imagine possibilities for buildings and neighborhoods and our town,

we are reinventing our community. Creating, together, a Springfield that is more than we imagined alone.

Springfield Reinvented: It’s more than a logo- it’s what we are creating every day

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