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Be the Change Springfield ~ Help us do more ‘good stuff’!

Be the Change SpringfieldBe The Change- Springfield!

Like what you see? Want to help us do even more? We have high hopes and big plans. The only thing small is our budget. Without you, it’s kind of non-existent.

Send us some love and we’ll send you some wonderful thank-you gifts: -

For contributions over $5: a handwritten thank-you on a black and white ‘Be the Change’ postcard -

For contributions over $10: a handwritten thank-you on a vibrant ‘Be the Change’ postcard

For contributions over $25, we will send you a packet of 10 postcards so you can send them to your own family and friends -

For contribution over $50, we will send you a coffee mug with our ‘Be the Change’ photo, plus add your name to our list of supporters -

For contributions over $100, you get all of them above! -

For contributions over $500, we will treat you and a guest to a local lunch (transportation not included). You’ll have a chance to share your ideas, find out more about our plans, all while having a good time enjoying great food!

Don’t have any money to help us? We understand! You can still help by sharing what we are doing- from the local gift guide, to our Facebook posts and articles. It’s all about you and helping make this community what you want it to be.

(We use Amazon for your convenience and to ensure security of all transactions)

Don’t have Amazon or prefer to send your support directly? We can do that too! Drop an email to We’ll help you make that happen! Thank you.

“Be the Change you wish to see in the world” — Mahatma Gandhi.

Donating = Caring <3 Thank you!                           (You can also get involved by contributing differently- see the form to the right and sign up today!)