Now on Facebook!

Coming Soon…

A few of the things we are working on (some will roll out as they are developed, based on interest level, resource allocation, and based on feedback, some may be removed or reworked):

- Know your neighbor section (including profiles & mini-exposes)

- Life Celebrations – for legacy memorials and milestones

- Dynamic User Registration (ability to use Facebook to login) (possibly Twitter or other services, based on demand)

- Community Bulletin Board (users can submit items the same as they would on a physical bulletin board: lost/ found, for sale, services, help requests)

- Groups, Forums and Discussion Areas- this will be based on interest from the community

- Surveys, Polls, and other ways people can have input

- Marketing: we want to spread the word and get as many community members involved as possible

- Quick submit for news happening now (possibly to include videos)

- Community Resources pages (will include directory and links to resources)

- Community Maps

- Incentives and Awards for Youth Contributions

- Inspiration and Success Stories from other Communities

- Volunteer Opportunity Listings

- Volunteer Questionnaire to identify skills and interests

- Community Development Resources and Research (including why we are taking an asset-based approach)

- Opportunities Pages

Have other ideas? This tool is being designed for and by the community, so join us!