Gardening… Zen… and Simple Pleasures

October 2, 2013 in Art, Farm & Agriculture by Jen

Sometimes we stumble across things that give us pause in our daily rush to “do”. These moments are treasures- a chance to take a deep breath, reflect, and embrace whatever is laying there, ready to be found. I always feel so fortunate when I stumble on simple, unintentional moments, like this one, found in a few simple lines shared by a friend reflecting on her own found moments in the garden.

Gardening has become my Kung fu…
Sometimes I go out there and just sit,

bees thrumming around my head,

toes in the dirt,

tasting the last wisps of summer

in a cherry tomato that I discover hiding behind over-grown mustard leaves.

I could spend all day in that beautiful organized chaos.

The kids roam in and out,

finding bugs to ogle and

tidbits to munch,

dried bean pods

to exhume like mummies,

and every discovery

leads to more questions –

what’s this plant?

What made this hole?

Can I eat this?

It’s just soul-satisfying, a connection to all things green and growing,

to a cycle of time that runs deeper and slower and far more intricately than anything else.

And yeah, it’s yummy.

– by Kelly Stettner

Raised bed beginning. Kelly S

Humble beginnings

Garden after 1 month- Kelly S.

And one month later, this has become a LUSH jungle! The broccoli is four feet high, the gourds have thoroughly taken over the cucumber patch, and I never did find the zucchini under all those cherry tomatoes.

Garden photo by Kelly S.Gourds on Trellis - K. Stettner Garden photo by K.S.








Armando helps harvest sunflowers. K. Stettner

Bird Prints on tarp in the Garden. - K. StettnerSpider and web in the garden by Kelly S.

American Toad in the Garden - K. Stettner

Fall Harvest- Kelly S.

~The best harvest is the smile~

 All photos courtesy of Kelly Stettner.

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