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Get Involved!

get involvedSo, you’ve read about what we’re doing and you want to get involved? Great!

There are plenty of ways you can contribute and help shape what we become- both here and in the community.

Check out some of the non-profits, clubs and organizations doing great things in the community. Most of them have ongoing needs for volunteers and support. Find great places to lend a hand.

Join Us! - Sign up for a free account to be able to comment and share your ideas.


You can also request to be an editor, a facilitator, or just start contributing by:

- Sharing a Story

- Telling us about a Community Resource

- Sharing your Ideas or Projects that you’re working on

Coming Soon: Volunteer Opportunities! We will provide a space for people to say what they need and to offer their services. It’s like a match game for local volunteer opps.

Have other ideas about getting people involved? Tell us! Tell us now!