Local Winner!- This man is no Fool! He knows how to make his money count!

April 1, 2014 in Ideas & Projects, Inspiration, Stories by Jen

Local winnersA local man won a NY state lottery several months ago. After splitting the winnings with 4 other winners, paying off taxes and all his debt, he was left with “a sizable sum”.

He has been keeping a low profile, but announced that he will be investing over $16 million of his winnings in “sustainable, renewable energy projects in the Springfield Vermont region”!

He has asked not to be identified yet. “We’re still working out all the details” he said. “I’d like to set up a fund to offer matching funds for small-scale renewable projects, and invest the rest in projects that will stimulate job growth and will help set the region up to truly be the ‘Sustainable Valley’.  Once we know how it will all work, we will release more information. For now, we just want to get people thinking about what is possible, so when the time comes, they’ll be ready to apply for funding.”

Asked why he is doing it, he laughed and said “well, I’ve always wanted to do something big. This seemed like it might be my only chance. Besides, my financial adviser says there is potential for big returns on these investments. If I can make the money work for me, the community, and, heck, even the planet, that all sounds way too good to pass up.”


UPDATE: Sorry folks, while this man is no FOOL, this story IS. (We hope you’ll forgive us!) We wanted to do something a little more creative than usual this April 1st. We hope it made you smile, and maybe even got you thinking about some of the possibilities. Who knows… maybe one day soon, a story very similar to this will happen for real! If enough of us start to imagine what is possible- we could all be REAL WINNERS!