What’s New- and the Art of Slowing Down

July 11, 2014 in Stories by Jen

Things have gotten slower around here. And, I don’t mean in Springfield. I mean on this site. Yes, we’ve noticed. And, frankly, it’s a bit embarrassing. While this is a labor of love, relying on donated resources of time and money, it reflects on us and the community. How can a place with some of the fastest internet speeds be accurately reflected when the site is slow- and some things don’t even work right anymore?

So, I’ve decided to put this project on hold for a bit. To purposefully slow things down so that I can dig deep into the tech changes that have caused more than a few headaches the past few months.  To refocus on the things that matter most- for this project, personally, and the community. This means things are bound to change. Change brings challenges, and hopefully, progress. So, I’m hoping this will be an opportunity to bring things to a new level- even closer to the vision.

Don’t worry, I’ll still be posting lots of good stuff at fb.com/SpringfieldVT. If you’ve liked what has been happening here, send me a message via FaceBook. I appreciate the notes I get regularly. For those of you who would like to become active supporters and make this project better than ever, please be sure to let me know.

Thank you for the understanding and support. Hopefully when we get back, you’ll appreciate the difference a little slow down can make! In the meantime, get out there and have some fun!

All the best ~Jen